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    “We don’t just sell our products we use them!”

AAVID knows the importance of getting a long life out of your Audio Video technology. AAVID is an authorized dealer for the best manufacturers in the business. We can say this because our featured products are field tested in our onsite Concept Room. Not to mention they all come with strong manufacturer warranties. AAVID support team will help you pick the best products, show you how to use them, and provide continuous support for the life of each product.




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AAVID is an acronym for Automated. Audio. Video. Integration & Design We specialize in integration, making Automation & Audio Video technology simple to use and efficient. AAVID can integrate multiple complex systems to seamlessly work at the touch of a button. Our installation team tests all products before delivery to ensure they integrate properly.



is the difference

We have the experience and certifications to provide you the support you need for your project.
Whether you just need a piece of equipment or a entire design, AAVID has the know how to do it right the first time. Check out our About us page for more, well about us!


Member Benifits

Start your integration process today. Create an account, upload your project images, and request a quote. You are one step closer to smooth Audio Video experience.
Let us be your AV department for your company. Consultation, technical support, warranty, handling, and membership level pricing on all our products.




AAVID rewards its repeat customers with additional discounts! The more you buy, the more you save. Make us your one stop shop for all your Audio Video products and see the savings mount. See the "Our Concept " page for more. 

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