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Technology Leasing

Technology is ever changing. Why not change with it... ?

       AAVID offers a leasing solution for your Audio Video Technology and the cost of installation. Bundle all of your technology, installation, and even maintenance into one LOW MONTHLY PAYMENT. When new technology comes out or your needs change, simply exchange the old for the new, and as long as the payment is the same or higher, AAVID will cancel your old contract and create a new contract for your new AV product No more IT rooms full of old technology. Pay for what you use while you use it and maintain scalability

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Thats Right, You Heard Us Correctly


Leasing is an intelligent method of acquisition when compared to buying technology with cash or using your line of credit at the bank. While these are valid options, leasing has proven better for companies concerned with streamlining cash flow, preserving after-tax capital and protecting credit lines best used for business growth.
Further, tax benefits and financial statement accounting treatment add to the overall benefit of leasing when weighed against a cash purchase. Treating an item as a capital outlay really only makes sense if it will appreciate in value.

Conserving your working capital now will help even out cash flow by spreading the cost of your new solution over a few years instead of a large upfront expenditure.
Additionally, leasing may qualify for off-balance sheet accounting treatment thereby avoiding a recorded liability or debt.
With technology changing every day, it's not uncommon to find yourself surrounded by obsolete equipment that requires an expensive write off.



Even Include


To further simplify your accounting process, the cost of your maintenance is added to the same invoice as your equipment, so there's just one check to write each month.
TAMCO pays your vendor monthly for this agreement by "passing through" the maintenance portion directly to your equipment vendor.

This method is not only easier for you, but also holds your vendor accountable for delivering the priority service and quick response you expect and deserve.

What's more, TAMCO's "pass-through" maintenance expenses are amortized over your total term with no finance charges, resulting in the smallest possible monthly charge.

We make extended maintenance simple because you deserve more than just a lease solution – you deserve peace of mind


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