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The Concept Room

       AAVID offers a state of the art collaborative room that is adorned with the latest in Audio and Video Technology.   Featuring a full multi-point video conferencing system, interactive projectors, tablets, document cameras, multiple display systems, wall to wall white board space and collaborative furniture. We can provide you with panoramic collaborative technology to fit all your conferencing needs. 
       The Concept Room can give your company or organization the professional image needed for today’s markets. Use ours or have us build you one of your own. 

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Providing IT personnel on staff The Concept Room is more than your average hotel conference room, you can be confident your meeting will run smoothly.


The possibilities are


Corporate meetings: Use the room for its location in Destin, FL for your yearly meetings and retreats.
Conferences: Video Conference with 8 other remote locations in crystal clear audio and HD video.
Presentations: Give yourself a professional image of a larger company. We can imbed your logo or phrases throughout the room.
Pharmaceutical: The advanced technology in our room makes any presentation or meeting flawless.
Educational: Teach or train without limitations. Involve your audience with interactive products.
Deposition: The concept room creates a comfortable space to video conference for Witness and trial preparation, settlement conferences and judicial conferences.
Design and conceptualizing: The perfect space to creatively think.


Why Here?

Conveniently located on one of the nation’s top ten beaches, Destin Florida offers plenty to do when you’re not collaborating in the Concept Room. Ask about our corporate packages that can include your hotel, lunches and other local amenities for greater savings. Why not make your next vacation tax deductible… Schedule a Walkthrough Today!

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